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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Review on Revlon Colourstay lipstain!

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, Im in Florida at the moment so blog posts and video's are hard for me to do. f you guys don't know already, Iv got a Youtube channel now, if you want to check it out, Im only getting the hang of it, and at the moment it feels like Iv filmed lots of hauls, because its so difficult or me to film tutorials in Florida, but Id love if you guys would give me your feedback!!
So, one of the things Iv hauled while I was on holiday has been this lipgloss.

Revlon colourstay overtime lipcolour in the colour perennial plum.

Its more ofa lipstain than agloss, and it has been a complete lifesaver in the Florida sunshine. It doesn't bleed or crack into fine lines around your lips, and it stays on all day long! It comes in a range of different coours and I definately think I'll get a couple of different shades.

The first picture is the stain matte, on its own without any gloss over it. The econd picture is the stain with gloss. The lip product comes with the stain on one end, and a clear gloss on the other. I have found that the stain can be very drying on th lips without the gloss over it.
I definately reccommend this lip product, check them out and picka colour that suits you, if you do, let me know what one you picked so I can give it a go!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this!
Love Hazel xoxo

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