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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Simple Outer Space inspired Nails!

Hey guys, I did my nails today following a tutorial by Andrea's Choice on Youtube (Link will be below) The look was inspired by outer Space! The colours I used were black for my base, deep purple, blue and pink for shading and highlighting, then a purple glitter over top of the whole thing. It looks really pretty in the light.
Make sure to go check out Andrea's video if you haven't seen it already, hers is 100 times better than mine!!

Thanks for reading!

Andrea's Choice on Youtbe:

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Introduction to special effects makeup!

Hey guys! So I filmed a video today on an introduction to special effects makeup (Cuts, wounds etc) And I thought you guys would be interested in seeing the video, or at least a couple of photo's! I'll link the video below if you guys want to watch, let me know what you think and leave any requests or feedback you guys have below, I love hearing from you!

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Review on Revlon Colourstay lipstain!

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, Im in Florida at the moment so blog posts and video's are hard for me to do. f you guys don't know already, Iv got a Youtube channel now, if you want to check it out, Im only getting the hang of it, and at the moment it feels like Iv filmed lots of hauls, because its so difficult or me to film tutorials in Florida, but Id love if you guys would give me your feedback!!
So, one of the things Iv hauled while I was on holiday has been this lipgloss.

Revlon colourstay overtime lipcolour in the colour perennial plum.

Its more ofa lipstain than agloss, and it has been a complete lifesaver in the Florida sunshine. It doesn't bleed or crack into fine lines around your lips, and it stays on all day long! It comes in a range of different coours and I definately think I'll get a couple of different shades.

The first picture is the stain matte, on its own without any gloss over it. The econd picture is the stain with gloss. The lip product comes with the stain on one end, and a clear gloss on the other. I have found that the stain can be very drying on th lips without the gloss over it.
I definately reccommend this lip product, check them out and picka colour that suits you, if you do, let me know what one you picked so I can give it a go!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this!
Love Hazel xoxo

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Makeup swatches!

So Im in Forida at the moment, and makeup is half the price here than it is in Ireland, so I decided to pick up a few bits. I filmed a haul on my Youtube channel, if anyone is intersted, the link will be below. Here are some swatches of what I got!

Revlon Moonlit Jewels cream shadow pallette

Revlon lipgloss in Pink Afterglow

Revlon lipstain in Perennial Plum

 Relon Quad in Coffee Bean

NYC lipgloss in Strawberry mousse

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hey guys!
Im in sunny Florida at the moment on holiday with my family. Posts might be a bit few and far between until the eighth of August, when Im back home in Ireland. Just wanted to let you know!
I love you all, hope you're enjoying your summer too! Are any of you going away? Let me know!

Hazel xxxxx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Youtube Channel!!

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that Iv started a Youtube channel if you'd like to take a look. Its going to be mostly beauty video's, with a few reviews and hauls. Im only starting out so I still need to figure out the best lighting and filming set up (Currently its natural light, with my picture taking camera set on video balanced on a pile of books, on my laptop on my bed!) but I make do!!
Id really love if you could check out my first video and give me any feedback on it, and maybe some requests of what you'd like to see in the future? I love hearing from you guys!
Do let me know if you check it out, Im uploading my first video as I type this so if there's no video when you have a look, its just not gone live yet, Iv been going mad trying to film and upload all day, and the damn internet keeps disconnecting as soon as the upload finishes!
The link is below, do check it out if you get a spare minute, it would mean the world to me!

Love you all,
Hazel xxx

Mini Haul! New Look, Penneys, Arnotts

Shopping Shopping shopping... I need to stop! These are a few bits I got over the weekend. I got a couple of things, and I made the mistake of going into New Look. I have never left that shop without buying something, and its usually a pair of shoes. Shoes are a bit of an obsession of mine...
Though I only got five things, and I can't show one of them because they're in the wash, its an adorable little pair of frilly white ankle socks, like the ones we all wore when we were little, or for those of us who made their Holy Communion. You all know what type Im talking about Im sure.
Okay, so on with the mini haul!! I hope you guys like this, and please let me know if there's anything you think I should cover in my posts or any looks you would like me to recreate, if you link me to a picture I'd love to do that!!!
I love your feedback :)

First, I got this cute leather jacket in Arnotts. I couldn't pass it up, not only because it wasso adorable but also because it was such a great deal! The original price was 69.99 euro, then reduced to 49.99, and I got it for twenty euro!! Its really soft leather and I love the feminine touch with the ruffled shoulders. The zipper is really cute too, when its zipped up it goes into a V neck, rather than all the way up to your neck like most jackets. This will definately be a staple item in my wardrobe for quite a while!!

Next are these nude shoes from New Look. They have a medium heel and are quite comfortable and easy to walk around in. The have a strap across the front too with a gold clasp. I justified getting this pair of shes as they were pretty cheap, only 24.99, and a pair of nude shoes are kind of a necessity. (Right?)

This next bag was a present from my sister. I helped her pick some stuff for our holidays next week (She HATES shopping) And she sort of, rewarded me with this bag. I got it in Penneys for nine euro. I love it because it looks so old fashioned and vintage, it kind of reminds me of those box bags people carried around in the war to keep their gas masks in. Its quite strong and durable, and pretty good quality for Penneys!
This last purchase was a sort of jokey gift from my sister too. They were 2.50 and we saw the right ny the check out as we were going to pay for our stuff. She knows me so well! They're funky little false eyelashes with a band of rainbow diamonds across the band. I think they're adorable and really fun for nights out or fun parties. Obviously they're synthetic lashes, and because they cost two fifty, the quality isn't amazing, but its pretty good. Iv worn Penneys lashes before and Iv found they blend well with your regular lashes and they're easy to apply.

So that was my little haul, please let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you!
Lots of love,
Hazel xxxxx