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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mean girls...

So something interesting happened last night. I was on facebook, surfing around pages as normal, and went onto a page of a girl at my school. She and another girl had posted what I can only describe as a rant on their wall on facebook. When I read through the comments, I realised it was about me. The reasoning behind the nasty comments were I had posted a jokey staus about the new Harry Potter film. It was taken the wrong way by these girls, so they decided to write nasty comments, publically on facebook.

At first, when I read what was written there, I was immediately angry. I felt like retaliating and posting on my own wall, as a way to get back. Of course, I snapped out of that quickly and ddn't stoop to that level. After the anger had passed a little bit, I got upset. The girls used to be really close friends of mine, not even a year ago. One of them was my very best friend. I as hurt by the mean comments because I felt like they were trying to chip away at any confidence I had built up since we had stopped being friends and the cattiness had started. They wrote about my make-up skills, my personal hygiene (Or lack there of, as far as they were concerned) My apparent 'sexual relationship' with my boyfriend, amongst other things.

There was one comment that really got to me though It said I had no friends, and that they would 'Get their revenge' For a minute, I was scared, in  September I have to see these people every day, for a year. I was really hurt, worried, and angry. I managed to laugh it off, my friends and boyfriend did defend me in their own ways too.

Im not writing this post for sympathy, I just want to get it out there that, if anyone out there has ever been made feel that way, It Will Get Better. You're really not on your own. If anyone out there is experiencing bullying or cattiness in this way, the best way to deal with it is to laugh it off. Remember, if you don't retaliate, chances are they will move on to someone else.

I believe that the nasty behavior between girls is so unnecessary. I know I personally would never resort to foul language to express anger. I would also never associate with someone who did. Now, Im not a prude, everyone swears, but there's a difference between swearing, and insulting someone publically to try to humiliate them.

Basically, the point to this post is to promote unity between women. Women had to fight fo long enough to be treated as equals, so why would we try to push eachother down? And to anyone out there who has ever felt personally victimised, I sympathise with you, and Im here for you <3

I love you all,
Hazel xxx


  1. Thanks for sharing this post, even though I’m sure it was hard to write. People can be so mean sometimes, but as you said - It will get better! xoxoxo

  2. Thank you :) really makes me feel better to know there are good hearted people out there too :)

  3. It's okay dear~~~
    u're not alone :)

    just hear MEAN song from Taylor swift and u'll smile i bet! :D

  4. Thank you :)
    Iv had that whole album on a lot recently tbh! ;)