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Friday, 8 July 2011

My tope five mascara picks!!

So, seeing as Iv actually had people stop meon the street to ask if I wear fake lashes, and when I answer no, they always ask what mascara I use, I decided to tell you guys my top mascara's. I have naturally long, curled lashes but I love to get them as thick and full and curled as possible without applying falsies. The products below have all been part of my collection for quite som time, and they are tried and true. I reccommend all of them, just some slightly higher than others. So, without further rambling, lets get into it!!

5. Big fatty mascara by Urban decay.
Besides the fact that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, is got a massive wand that gives great thickness. This wasn't a mascara I chose myself but one my brother got for me for Christmas, as a result of a pushy Urban Decay sales assistant! He chose correctly though. Its jet black and it really curls the lashes. The only thing I dislike is that it doesn't add much length. I also think that I wouldn't particularly like it if I had short lashes as the large wand would be hard to manouver.

4. Maybelline Lash Stilletto.
My boyfriend treated me to this a while back, and in his lack of knowledge about makeu, he ran into boots and pickedvup the first one he saw. When I opened it we realised that it was brown mascara. Something that has never really appealed to me as my lashes and eyebrows are naturally jet black. I tried it out though, and it gave lovely length and spread the lashes without making them look spidery. I think if I had hav got it in black it would be higher in my favorites and used more often. Its perfect for throwing on in the morning before school though as it looks quite natural when applied, which is important for me as my school has a strict no makeup rule.

3.Benefit Bad Gal Lash.
This mascara was my number one for over a year. Iv gone through four tubes of it and for a long time I thought it was my holy grail, until I branched out and started to buy more and more makeup. It has, like the Urban Decay mascara, a huge wand, so its great for volume and curl. It adds a little bit of length too. It really is a fabulous little product and will always have its place in my collection, but as of recently it haas been pushed aside and replaced by other products. I do highly reccommend it.

2. Loreal Telliscopic.
I think pretty much everyone has tried Loreal Telliscopic or at least heard the hype around it. I had to pick it up and I must say, all of the good reviews I heard about it are completely true. It gives huge length and curl in just one coat. Perfect for girls with shorter lashes, or blonde lashes as the skinny wand is great for coating the whole lash and manouvering around the eye. It grabs all the babylashes, it doesn't clump and it doesn't smudge.

1.Maybelline Falsies.
My new baby. It is my absolute favorite mascara. The wand is curved so its great for adding curl. I gives huge length and volume. It doesn't smudge, it doesn't run, it doesn't clump. I really is the holy grail product for lashes. I absolutely reccommend it to anyone. Its also pretty affordable and widely available. I can't say enough good things about this product. I love to layer it with Loreal Telliscopic for extra length too. This is definately something I would re-purchase again and again. It will always have a place in my kit and in my collection. I love it!!

So that was my little review, I hope you guys all enjoyed it and got something out of it. Let me know if you've tried any of these products and tell me what you thought of them. Also, let me know in the comments what your favorite mascara is, I'm always in the market for new things!!!

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