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Monday, 8 August 2011

Introduction to special effects makeup!

Hey guys! So I filmed a video today on an introduction to special effects makeup (Cuts, wounds etc) And I thought you guys would be interested in seeing the video, or at least a couple of photo's! I'll link the video below if you guys want to watch, let me know what you think and leave any requests or feedback you guys have below, I love hearing from you!

My Youtube!


  1. well, that looks really gross and it kinda creeped me out haha but cool :)
    i like ur blog, i'm following u, follow back?

  2. That's so gross but it looks so good! :O is my blog if you wanna have a look or follow me back? :)
    Thanks! xx

  3. Thats so cool! I bet my friend would love this she likes to scare people by "drawing" wounds on herself with makeup!

  4. Very gross but realistic!